Saturday, December 12, 2009

Keeping busy

So I've been trying to figure out what is the best way to get through the holidays when a women has IF hanging over her like a dark cloud making everything seem a lot darker than it is. Looking on the internet i found a lot of things about this subject. However i'm really starting to think that most of the information put out there is for women with IF, by women who don't have IF. A lot of the things on the web sites i found said things like "just don't think about it" and "if it bothers you just don't go to the event". There was nothing that i found that was actually helpful. I know, I know, there probably out there, but i never found one.

So i'm just going to have to try my best and bawl my eyes out when i need to cause that's just how it's going to have to be. One of the "helpful hints" was don't go out to do your Christmas shopping do it all on line. Well thats nice for some people but i can't do that kinda thing, I have to go to the store like most people do. However i have found a great way to go about this. Do all my shopping in one store and all at once so everything will be done and over with in a matter of 1 to 2 hours. That is why i love big stores like Wal-mart and Zellers. Yes i know they are corporate giants that take out the little guys. But they have everything i need in one location. Yes i have to endure being in a store with crying babies but i also have the chose to take advantage of their 24hr days leading up to Christmas. Yes, maybe the staff there might be a little cranky when you stroll in at midnight, but you pretty much have the store to your self and you can beat all the long line ups,and you can pass through the isles with out seeing that happy family that always seems to me to be flaunting it. It's a big help when you can put it more out of mind like this. So that is my helpful hint for surviving the Christmas shopping dilemma.

As for get together's and events, that one is hard cause each situation is different. I just try my best and I trust myself to look at what the event is, who will be there, and then i talk about it with my Hubby. His opinion is very helpful cause he knows me better than myself and this is hard on him too, so he has feelings about every thing too.

Anyway i rambled on enough... Just one last thing we had the Hubby tested for the first time and we got great news. His count was 51 million. Yay!

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